Copy Paste With Vim and Tmux

Copying between two VIM sessions

Using vim + clipboard copy to just get vim content and not all the VIM formatting (line numbers and so on).

  • On MacOS X + and * registers are the same.

  • On GNU/Linux

    • + is the desktop clipboard (usable via ctl-c/x/v)
    • * is the X11 primary selection (usable via mouse selection/middle mouse button)
  • Select text in VIM

  • Copy to the * register (system clipboard) "*y

  • Paste the clipboard in new vim session "*p

Copying using TMUX

Copying from TMUX to VIM

  • Selecting content in tmux:
    • Enter tmux pane history “navigation” mode: ctrl-b+[
    • Use arrows or h/j/k/l to go to where you need
    • Use V to move in line selection mode
    • Use y to copy (yank) to system clipboard
  • Pasting using tmux
    • ctrl-b + ]
  • Or pasting in vim
    • Paste content from system clipboard (aka +): "+p