XenServer installation using HTTP source

Small notes on installing XenServer using a remote installation source. See

Citrix Official Documentation for more.

Downloading XenServer

Log into Citrix site as login is required in order to see the Product Software entry into the Find Downloads tool.

Extracting ISO content

mkdir xenserver-6.0.0_iso
sudo mount -o loop XenServer-6.0.0-install-cd.iso xenserver-6.0.0_iso
sudo mkdir -p /srv/mirror/xen/xenserver/6.0.0/
sudo cp -r xenserver-6.0.0_iso/* /srv/mirror/xen/xenserver/6.0.0/

Making ISO available at a reachable http/ftp server

Simple alias example for apache:

Alias /xen /srv/mirror/xen
<Directory /srv/mirror/xen>
   Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
   AllowOverride None
   Order deny,allow
   deny from all
   allow from all

Installation files will be available at http://server.domain.tld/xen/xenserver/6.0.0/.

Installing XenServer

  • Boot installation ISO on server
  • Configure network
  • Configure XenServer installer to retrieve files of http/ftp source


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