Node-less puppet setup using Hiera


Following a big puppet 2.7 => 3.3 space jump (it took quite some times to test/setup/adapt everything) I am trying to get a cleaner/saner puppet usage to avoid errors, duplication (allowing to easily override some conf for a specific deployment site at some specific location) and to avoid slapping my lazyness with a truit.

So I crawled a bit the web, and read a lot of different posts/bugs/idas/rants, and did not find the golden-wonderfull-definitive set-up guide, so here are the things that are on the way:

  • Use hiera for storing the nodes configuration
  • Assign classes using hiera (node-less setup?)
  • Create roles and profiles modules to allow to encapsulate contents not configurable using hiera


Hiera base setup

Nothing to fancy here as shown in the hiera.yaml file, just an environment-dependent datadir and a first draft of the hierarchy that will be used.

  - json
  :datadir: /etc/puppet/environments/%{::environment}/hieradata/
  - "%{::fqdn}"
  - "%{::company_role}"
  - "%{::company_location}"
  - "%{::virtual}"
  - "%{::operatingsystem}-${lsbdistrelease}"
  - "%{::operatingsystem}-${lsbmajdistrelease}"
  - "%{::operatingsystem}"
  - "%{::osfamily}"
  - common
# vim: set ft=yaml et smarttab sw=2 ts=2 sts=2:

Custom facts for hiera

Here two hiera data sources are meant to be able to easily configure a node according to its location or role. (location meaning more or less a more or less physical location with some specific network configuration or other specific rules/requirements)

In order to be able to assign the role and location, custom facts were added (company_role and company_location), based on the content of a file (/etc/company.conf) that have to be available on the server. (see XXX for more)




require 'facter'

if File.exist?('/etc/company.conf')
  File.readlines('/etc/company.conf').each do |line|
    if line =~ /^(.+)=(.+)$/
      varname = "company" + $1.strip
      value = $2.strip

      Facter.add(varname) do
        setcode { value }
# vim: set expandtab smarttab shiftwidth=2 tabstop=2 softtabstop=2 nocindent noautoindent:

Assigning class to nodes using hiera

  "classes" : [

  "ntp::server" : [
# Load classes from hiera conf merging all classes for inclusion

Assigning defines to nodes using hiera

Defines parameters are stored in a hash, the key is the resource title and the value is a hash of define parameters.

  "rsyslog_configs" : {
    "iptables.conf" : {
      "ensure" : "present",
      "source" : "puppet:///modules/site/rsyslog/rsyslog.d/iptables.conf"
    "puppet-agent.conf" : {
      "ensure" : "present",
      "source" : "puppet:///modules/site/rsyslog/rsyslog.d/puppet-agent.conf"

Defines have to be instanciated calling create_resource with the retrieved define configuration hash.


node default {
  # Load classes from hiera conf merging all classes for inclusion

  # Retrieve rsyslog configurations if any
  $rsyslog_configs = hiera_hash('rsyslog_configs', {})
  create_resources('rsyslog::config', $rsyslog_configs)


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